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Pensions, Aging, Savings and Work
Planning on Retiring?
Just Don't Get in a Hurry

Complete and Protect the Plan With Long Term Care Insurance
Let's Call It Preparing for the Expected !

"Guarding Your Gold II" warns people to seriously prepare for retirement, since with today's demographics, they may well spend more years retired than they did working—and normally with far less money. Too many retired Americans have already found out that "UNEXPECTED" financial losses should have been regarded as "EXPECTED" financial losses, with the high costs of all types of Long Term Care and increased medical care. Prepare for the EXPECTED!

An easy retirement?  Hopefully, but your chances are better once you are aware of the problems and discover the solutions found in "Guarding Your Gold II.

Retired—or soon to be retired? How about a roadmap to help you through "The Golden Years"?

Independence, freedom, and peace-of-mind…That's what the "Sunset Years" should be about…  But what happens if you outlive your money and your good health?  Is there an urgency to tend to these matters now?  Well, "Guarding Your Gold II" points out that delay… can often turn into denial.

"Guarding Your Gold II" reveals that the government will take care of you—but only after you've spent the money you saved for your retirement, and not while you have "money in the bank."

From The Book:  (Excerpted from the fourteen page chapter)

"JUST DON'T GET TOO ANXIOUS!  Most people have forty to forty-five years to think about retirement, so what's the hurry?  There is no need to complicate the next—make that—the last, thirty or forty years of your life, with a quick emotional decision.  A decision made, in what you hope, are the final five or ten years of your normal working lifespan.  You may well be on your way to a retirement which lasts longer than your working years! Impossible?  No, for millions of American workers, believe it or not, it's already under way."

"You've thought about an early retirement?  Think again.  Or maybe you just look forward to retiring at a "normal" retirement age.  Who wouldn't?  Seems reasonable, and that's the way it should be.  However, keep in mind that even a well planned retirement can present some headachesMost Americans have not, will not, or cannot, properly prepare for a comfortable retirement. That leads to—"Why" not?"

"So, "Why not?"  Why do so many people delay thinking about and preparing for a sensible retirement, especially with a sound "retirement plan?"  It's not just a transition, from working one day, to "turning in the keys" the next day.  Planning for retirement means preparing and following a road map, or a blueprint, or a guideline, or whatever you choose to call itBut, please just do "it"—call "it" anything you want—and follow the plan.  Maybe some parts of the plan are more intent on "how to enjoy the good life" or "how to spend the Golden years."  And that's okay, as long as the plan includes how to finance the enjoyable parts of the plan.'

'But, the plan also has to include how to prepare for the unexpected—or what we should be calling the expected.   The "expected" includes changes in lifestyle and changes in health.  Those changes are imminent, and every retiree should know about—and expect—health and lifestyle changes .  With the exception of a quick death, these two factors are going to have an impact on the retired person, and their plans—count on it.  So, part of retirement preparation boils down to preparing financially for the "expected" changes in lifestyle and health.'

"We have two demographic problems—extended longevity and population shifts. We can do nothing about the first scenario—extended longevity— the wheels are locked in, and the final approach is underway.  In the past, we simply referred to the word "longevity."  Not anymore.  We now have "extended longevity."  It's here to stay. The second demographic problem is that America's senior citizens have found a new way of life in the Sun Belt.  However, while the living is easier, the cost of living is no easier."

"Look at some of the problems this way.  The oldest boomers turn 60 in 2005, which means that retirement is beginning to be a more than distant thought.   Expect a totally different approach to retirement as 78 million of your friends and neighbors retire right along side you—they (and you) will redefine retirement in AmericaNow, think about this.  Who will be the best prepared to cope with the expected surprises of retirement -- the prepared or the unprepared?"


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