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Some Things You Need to Know About the New
American "Monied" Class—You're It!!

Money—It's Not Just For The Rich Anymore

"Expecting to leave an inheritance…?  Expecting an inheritance…?  Find out what the "Inheritance Issues" chapter of "Guarding Your Gold II" has to say.  "Inheritance is not a four-letter word… but "lose" is."

"What happens if you, your family, and your assets outlive your good health?  House Rich—Cash Poor?  Not sure how to pay for LTCI premiums?  "Guarding Your Gold II" points out alternate ways to finance.  Such as Line-of-Credit Reverse Mortgages, and asking the children to help in order to protect their inheritance."

"Guarding Your Gold II" encourages people to discuss this important family matter with their children.  The children may have been thinking about LTCI for their parents, and just didn't know how to bring it up.  The book also points out that many people don't want to transfer their assets until they absolutely have to—protection with an LTCI policy allows time for the process to complete itself—without making hasty decisions of a "crisis" nature."

"Guarding Your Gold II" discusses the new American family "monied" class—YOU'RE IT!  Money is not just for the rich anymore. The book points out that new measures will have to be taken by America's families to protect the family money."

From the book:  (Excerpted from the nine page chapter)

"So, we live in a new world.  Inheritance will be a major part of financial planning for many people.  This isn't just a one-time, one-shot deal.  Inheritance and asset preservation will become an important part of the way of life of many families, just as it has been for the "super wealthy" of the past four hundred years of European and American and Asian history.  As succeeding generations become older, then much older, and grayer, then much grayer, they will also have to become more sophisticated in their handling of family money—money in the hands of normal, middle-American families."

"The facts are there, and those expecting to inherit now have some real family money to protect.  Up goes the family money for many "middle income" white- and blue-collar families.  Good news.  And, good news for those expecting an inheritance.  But bad news, if even a $300,000 estate melts down in a few short years due to long term care costs suffered by either Mom or Dad, or the family Matriarch, or Patriarch, or both."

"Use a long term care insurance agent to explain the benefits of LTCI, and coordinate the accounting and legal matters with your accountant and attorney.  Today's family and tomorrow's families will be thankful.  You will have accepted the responsibility of family money in the same fashion as the elite of the world have done for centuries—just with some newer personal variations.   Remember, American family money is a relatively new experience for many average people—and remember also, that it's not just for the rich anymore!"


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