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The Emotional Issues

Everyone is Affected—Not Just the Patient,
Emotional Preparation for All Is Part of the Solution

Aging is Natural—It is Not a Fault !

Guarding Your Gold II" discusses the emotional issues surrounding the need for Long Term Care—when it happens, what to do, what to avoid—and offers all family members solutions for the day that a decision must be made.

"Guarding Your Gold II" discusses "the sandwich generation," which gives care to both young and old in a family, maybe even in the same household.  It also asks about the realities of the "children" being ABLE to give care if they are in a different city, or different state.  The book discusses intergenerational living, and the solution for those who don't want to be a burden to their children.  It points out the problem of expecting an older spouse, who can't physically offer proper and complete care to another, and how to eliminate the guilt that may follow.    

From the book:  (Excerpted from the seven page chapter)

"We've had it pretty good in America.  Every decade of our existence has seen a significant growth in the life expectancy of our population.  "Change."  What was then was then.  What we have now is now.  And "now" is twenty years longer—and is well on it's way to becoming thirty years longer!  With a different set of circumstances, we see life expectancy upon us in a different light.  Can't help it.  But what we haven't, to this point, been able to do is change our attitude about the extension of life expectancy.  We all want longevity, but we are so accustomed to having things our way, physically and mentally, that change is not acceptable. We want to live longer, but only on our terms, and those terms to which we are accustomed.  As human beings, we seem to be unwilling to accept the fact that if we are going to live longer, lifestyles in the sunset years are going to change.   They have to."


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