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Asset Preservation

Taking the Offensive to
Preserve What is Yours...

We have been alive in a great time. The problem is that we are surrounded by governments; local, state, and national, that have a natural appetite for getting bigger.  Congress has realized that taking money from the people to "supersize" Medicaid spending on nursing home and home health care is not possible. The "Robin Hood" and "Jesse James" approach is at least temporarily over. "Godfather Government" or worse yet, "Fairy Godmother Government" still exists in some ways, however, with politicians refusing to address the increasing problems of Social Security and Medicare created by the demographic problems of the immediate future.  The money just does not work out.

Wise people who were prudent enough to tend to their own business in the past will recognize the future. They will have to learn to keep the ball away from those who are employing "the full court press." This requires strategic offensive maneuvering, and just as prudent people took measures to build their assets, they will now have to learn to protect those assets.

This book is designed to point out problems and reveal available strategies. Which ones you choose are up to you and your family, plus your legal and accounting people.

We've all heard, or said, "My spouse or the kids will take care of me." That's fine That works. For a short time.  Sometimes for a long, long time. The "sandwich generation," however, has some unsettling news for you. Nearly two-thirds of them feel they end up becoming clinically depressed.


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