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Long Term Care Insurance: Guarding Your Gold is America's Best Retirement Planning Manual for Long-Term Care Insurance, Estate Planning and Asset Preservation
"Guarding Your Gold II"
 A Consumer's Guide
by Ron Iverson

So, ... You say you spent a lifetime building a "nest egg"  ... Hmmmmm ... Like the old prospector -- you searched for your fortune and found it.  Now you'd like to protect it - you'd like to "...guard your gold." 

What do all Americans face over the next three decades?  Find out in "Guarding Your Gold II"

Answers to your questions about:
Long Term Care Insurance, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Women's Issues, Inheritance and Family Money, Retirement Planning and the Other Senior Issues.

Overview of Guarding Your Gold II:

In the spirit of Paul Revere, the book could just as well have been named "The Americans Are Coming!"   That's what will be happening to us over the next thirty years, as the demographics of the 65 and over age group swell from 38 million people, to 78 million.  The major problem lies in the demographic reality that the work force of under age 65 people will only be 160 million—in other words—only two workers for every recipient of the two major entitlement programs—Social Security and Medicare.   Remember the old DEW line?  Well, "Guarding Your Gold II" is the NEW Distant Early Warning system.  The book is not addressed to America's poor—thank goodness there are already programs in place for the poor.  It is written for the average American middle-class working family who has, or is building, a comfortable retirement and needs solutions to keep from becoming poor!


  • how to protect yourself and your family money.
  • why American demographics are about to create the perfect "financial storm.
  • about a sensible prescription, or Rx, for the medical and extended longevity factors facing America's elderly and soon-to-be-elderly—a prescription that must be written NOW.
  • about the coming demographic and economic calamity that will be setting in on BOTH YOUNG and OLD.
  • how you and your family can avoid possible generational disputes that could become commonplace for other people.
  • why you need to lock in your good health as soon as possible.
  • about something that could cost you more than a stock market crash.


  • that we used to worry about dying too soon, and now we worry about living too long.
  • the emotional, inheritance, financial, legal, and insurance issues of retirement—and the chances of outliving your good health.
  • how to let "Guarding Your Gold II" act as a sequel to successful investing.
  • how you can keep the money you've made, or leave it for your family—in either case, "Guarding Your Gold II" will show you how.
  • how to prepare against a possible financial meltdown.
  • the problems with extended longevity… Many couples in this country find themselves with more parents than children.  Is that a comfortable thought for ANY GENERATION?
  • that "SELF-INSURING" (taking a chance) at $50-80,000 TODAY, with care costs rising each year, makes no sense—when affordable premiums today can solve TOMORROW'S problems.
  • why you need to "beat the clock" with regard to your good health—and in the face of coming American demographic and economic problems.
  • that with today's policies, the oft said, "I'm never going to a nursing home!" can, in fact, be a reality.  That's the beauty of today's comprehensive LTCI policy.  You can receive benefits at home, where you want to be, or in an assisted living facility, as well as a nursing home, if need be.
  • that when it comes to longevity…that was then—and this is now—and "now" is twenty to thirty years longer.
  • that as you were prudent in saving and building your assets, you have to be prudent in protecting those assets.


"Guarding Your Gold II" is actually about YOU—you will see yourself in itIf you or your family haven't lived it—you will.

In "Guarding Your Gold II," you will not find endless pages of "legal boilerplate.  You will find sensible discussions, suggestions, and solutions to the problems of extended longevity and the specter of lengthy needs for Long Term Care.

"Guarding Your Gold II" is a financial guide—not to build wealth—but to PRESERVE what you've already built.

"Guarding Your Gold II" talks a lot about money—YOURS—and ways to keep it yours—and your family's!

You say the kids or spouse will take care of you?  That's admirable, and that works.  Sometimes—for a while.  Sometimes—for a long, long time. "Guarding Your Gold II" will give you a great deal of important information about caregiving and what we can do to make it better.

Never going to a nursing home?  "Guarding Your Gold II" states, "That's what about 100 PERCENT of the people in nursing homes said."  But, what if you don't get to make the decision?

When it comes to Long Term Care, it may not be A QUESTION OF IF—it may well be A QUESTION OF WHEN—that's what "Guarding Your Gold II" is all about.



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